How to Take Frustration out of Your Kitchen in the Rental Apartment?

Rental Apartment

If you have always been living in the rental apartments then you would be familiar with the fact that these units do not often have those ideal kitchens. There may not be any counter space available; there can be basement kitchens that do not get any natural light; and there can be the ones that have the dirtiest, crummiest tiled floors you might have ever come across.

The challenges that come with the rental kitchens can be anything like minor annoyances or hair-pulling, serious frustrations. However, before you should think about breaking the lease, you should consider some solutions like the ones that are given here. They won’t blow away the security deposit you have paid at all.

As renters, you have what you’ll get. Even though the kitchen you may often dream of can have the walnut cabinets, the cabinets in your rental kitchen can feature honey oak which may not be what you have ever fancied. The cabinets may be less airy and bright that you’d have liked. If your apartments tampa landlord is flexible enough then you may be allowed to paint these cabinets, but that is not the option in most of the cases. If you do not love the cabinets of your kitchen then you should paint their walls in dark blue. You can also paint backsplash in the chalkboard paint for getting the most dramatic contrast. Solid black & white palette can also be a chic idea. If you have the cherry cabinets to deal with then you can try black and light gray color on walls for neutralizing the redness of the cherry.

The wonky, sticky drawers can be maddening for you in your kitchen in the rental unit. You are yanking these drawers out with the hands or you just shove them back with the hips. The problem may not be solved by you completely, but the frustration can be minimized if the most-used utensils as well as cooking tools are moved out to your countertop or any other place that is easily accessible. Invest in some good looking utensil holder to hold the whisks and wooden spoons; use vintage vase to store flatware; and hang the tools on cabinet’s side. Leave your offending drawer empty to be used for anything which is not used too often.

Similarly if your Fl apartments have you to deal with some uneven, shoddily constructed, or simply old enough cabinet doors then you may find yourself thinking to take off the doors completely and turning those cabinets into the open cubbies. Though it is one of the ideas to consider, but it is not a suitable solution for everyone. It may become even more frustrating for you to keep the neatness and shelves you have just opened and to make them presentable. However, it is still worth trying.

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