How to renovate the kitchen of your rental apartment?

Only because you do not own your rental apartment does not mean that you cannot renovate it. As far as the kitchen is concerned, it is quite possible that you will be dealing with some outdated, dark and cramped space. However, it doesn’t need it to be like that permanently. Here are some ways to organize, personalize and brighten up your kitchen temporarily.

The doors should first be taken off their hinges to get open shelving appearance. It can change the look of your kitchen, and you can do some organization and introduce bright, fun dishware. You can reinstall the doors of your apartments Tampa when you have to move out, and no one would ever know it.

Next thing you can do for the betterment of your kitchen is to replace all hardware available. This small change can change things upside down and you don’t have to change the cabinets for this at all. Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls can be found easily in so many different styles as well as price ranges. You can easily install a new one and give your kitchen your stylish personal touch.

Changing the backsplash of your apartment kitchen can be a great idea as well. If you have the authority of doing this, then you should think about painting wall of your kitchen with chalkboard paint. Alternately you can use some vinyl decal, which can be removed when needed, for covering up those ugly tiles.

Another thing you can do to give your kitchen a completely personalized look is adding an island. Use some freestanding island for an additional counter as well as storage space. You should better go for the one that has wheels, and you can move it easily around your kitchen or even to some other room if you feel it necessary.

Kitchen storage is often a big problem with rental units. You can install some smart storage and shelving in your kitchen to personalize space. The pegboards, floating shelves, hooks, pot racks, and knife strip – almost anything which can accommodate the kitchen goods and take them off the floors will definitely make your kitchen more efficient and can be removed easily as well. There are some inexpensive and great systems available that can work perfectly to accommodate this need.

Another good thing you can do for changing the look of your rental’s kitchen is to use removable paper for brightening the walls of the kitchen. Though paint can be the obvious choice, but you can find broad range of wall art nowadays that is temporary, like decals, wallpaper, window films and tile tattoos – all these can be a source of covering up the imperfections with the kitchen of your rental apartment and are not a permanent change. So you can easily use them without any fear of being fined by the landlord at all.